BD Vantage connection problems Bart.Lambrecht at
Wed Feb 19 09:06:48 EST 1997

Dear FlOWers,

We are running a BD-Vantage equiped with a Quadra and Cellquest 
software.  We too had  connection problems, mainly after running the 
cytometer in sorting mode for > 1 hour.  The error message was : 'GPIO error'. 
Shutting off both cytometer and computer was the only thing that 
worked. The BD techniqual service has tried everything, including 
changing the computer and interface boards, with practically no 
results.  The only trick we found,  was to open the cytometer's door 
during sorting  (so that there is no overheating of the electronics??)  This has 
significantly improved our problems...

Bart Lambrecht
Department of Respiratory Diseases
University Ghent
bart.lambrcht at

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