something to get your teeth into

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I can't resist asking whether if you had included fluoride in your sheath
fluid, you would have needed to resort to denture cleaning...



(Root canals:  a way to grow plants hydroponically?)

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>>I have been told that denture cleansing tablets are the answer to the
>>ultimate clog/dirty cell.  I have not tried them, but can imagine that
>>companies have spent millions on making the perfect combination to clean
>>false teeth.  Has anyone tried?
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>I have used denture cleaning tablets dissolved  in DI to clean the ceramic
>nozzle tip on a Vantage and I doubt if it will do any harm to use it on the
>flow cells of Scans etc.   I am surprised that no one has suggested  what I
>have used on dirty cells and general maintenance for years, and that is
>Coulter Clenz  from Coulter.   It bears a strong resemblance to window
>cleaner but I suspect there are a few extra ingredients.
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