Wanted: extra BD sheath tank

J.Webster@centenary.usyd.edu.AU J.Webster at centenary.usyd.edu.AU
Sun Feb 16 18:24:14 EST 1997

At 04:06 PM 14/02/97 -0400, Barry Grimes wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'm planning on doing sterile sorting and will be using ETOH to purge my
>FACSVantage. To avoid repeated filling and rinsing steps using only one
>tank, I would like to use an extra sheath tank for the alcohol rinse - but
>would rather not spend the $1200 for a spare 10 L tank. Is there anyone out
>there that might have a spare FACStar / Plus 2 L sheath tank they'd be
>willing to sell? Does anyone know if this will in fact work?

Yes it will certainly work, I've been doing it for years.
I use the waste tank for ETOH, and still use a transparent container
for waste.
(easy to see if it is about to overflow into the house vacuum line...)

Both tanks are online and pressurised, and I use a 3-way lauer-fit
valve to select 70% ETOH or saline.

Be very careful not to run the ETOH into the sheath tank, as the saline
will precipitate!

I also add an extra 1" 0.22u syringe filter into the line immediately
after running ETOH, which has several effects:
-	Extra filtering of the saline, just in case.
-	The small filter-full of air stops the saline & ETOH from mixing
	in the line, so salt precipitation is not a problem.
-	One minus, it changes the pressure balance so that the sample
	differential must be reduced by about half with extra filter in.

I got this idea from Frank Battye of WEHI, with much appreciation!
Frank - you may have some comments; are you still using clear filter
holders as fluid reservoirs?

	Cheers, Joseph.

Joseph Webster
Flow Cytometry Facility
Centenary Institute

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