Cyclin method

Jan Nelson j.nelson at
Tue Feb 18 16:48:55 EST 1997

We want to test for Cyclin D1 on peripheral blood and FNA samples from
patients with possible B lymphoproliferative disorders.

I have bought some Immunotech Cyclin D1 (Cat No 1740) and tried the method
we use for Ki-67 and cytoplasmic CD3 and CD22: Acetone fix of cytospins
followed by standard 2 stage immunofluorescence. We are testing the
antibody at  1/10 and 1/100 to start with.
Several problems:
We haven't seen any convincing positivity although we have had several
possible Mantle cell lymphomas.
Also what sort of staining is seen - is it similar to TdT or Ki-67?
While we wait for a positive to turn up perhaps someone who has had
experience with this antibody in the context of B LPD  could advise if the
method is inappropriate.Should we try flow?

Many thanks


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