WARNING: Not strictly serious business, may contain humor (OR SARCASIM)

BIGOS@Darwin.Stanford.EDU BIGOS at Darwin.Stanford.EDU
Tue Feb 18 03:37:51 EST 1997

We have a BD Vantage with a 68K Mac using Cellquest. Whenever the Vantage is turned on the Mac 
must be rebooted (elapsed time not important) or else the connection between the two fails.

It amazes me that for a $350K machine BD would have the gall to blame this on "the architecture 
of the bus boards". Come on, folks. I have done instrumentation software in a development 
environment here at Stanford and know that there is always a software or hardware workaround 
for these kinds of incompatabilities. What we have is a lack of thoroughness and 
professionalism in product development. And this isn't the only product that BS has recently 
released that evidences this. Here at Stanford we make some of our users "jump though hoops" 
when using some of our developmental efforts. We hope that the research payoff is worth the 
effort. But we don't charge them an arm and a leg in profit for the "privilege" of doing this.

So let's call the problem what it is - a product devlopment "oversight" (aka screwup).

Now I'm going to go get my morning coffee.

-Marty Bigos
Stanford Shared FACS Facilityy

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