FACSort/PMac Thanks

Mon Feb 17 23:23:00 EST 1997

Date    : 2/18/97
Subject : FACSort/PMac Thanks
>From    : Michelle Miller
To      : Cytometry List

FACSort/PMac Thanks
To all who responded to my initial query,

Thank you for all your suggestions - I have been overwhelmed with responses.
The problem of non-communication between the FACSort/Scan/Calibur and its
PowerMac is apparently quite widespread, which makes me feel much better, as I
was worried that it was unique to my machine. The suggestions have been varied,
 and at times contradictory, and ranged from the simple (switching everything
off, pulling the plug, then starting all over is common) to the more elaborate,
 involving BDPAC, statusboards, Norton Disk Doctor, physical connectors, etc.
The time waited between switching on the flow cytometer and the computer was
thought to be important - with delays of 5 seconds to 15-20 seconds, and in one
 case waiting >5 minutes, in contrast to another user who thought that too long
 a delay could also cause this problem.

Fortunately for me the problem has not reoccurred in the last week (in the
wonderful manner of all electric/mechanical equipment everywhere when under the
 spotlight) so I have not had a chance to test any of the suggestions. Maybe
I'll have to wait until 5pm Friday which seems to be the witching hour for
cytometers! However, BD have contacted me and they will be upgrading the
software next week, which they, and others, think is likely to help.  I'll let
you know if this upgrade does the trick.

Thanks again,

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