??Problems with upgrade

Maribel Leong Maribel_Leong.RMH_FacMed at muwaye.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Feb 17 07:34:03 EST 1997


We too are experiencing connection problems with our FACSCalibur.  However, 
our problems only started AFTER we got the second laser installed.  The 
timing between when we turn on the cytometer to when we switch on the 
computer is well within the magical 1-5 min window.  However, we often 
(almost every other time) have connection problems.  Shutting down & 
restarting the computer doesn't seem to help - only a total shutdown of 
cytometer & computer works...most of the time (sometimes you have to do this 
many times).  

Occasionally everything connects properly but we cannot see events.  The 
magical solution to this problem seems to be to tighten the Bal Seal, however 
sometimes this doesn't work.  We've tried all the 'solutions' offered in the 
troubleshooting section & we were just wondering if anyone else has 
experienced this problem. 

Seeing the various messages on this topic makes us feel better as we had the 
impression that there was nothing wrong with the machines (that no one else 
experiences this problem) & that it was just us and our inexperience.  So 
thank you fellow FLOWers!   

We have also noticed that when we switched to the PPC from the Quadra, we now 
get a message that says that there is an error in the connection & that the 
cytometer cannot be found when we only want to analyse (ie we do not turn the 
cytometer on).  If you click OK, then you can just analyse, but before we 
upgraded we never had this problem!                         

Thanks in advance for your help

Maribel Leong
Dept Med, University of Melbourne

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