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Salut tout le monde,

Concerning the (spring) cleaning discussions, here are my 5 cents:

For the sorters:

I am using indeed denture cleansing tablets (brandname: Steradent, made
somewhere in Germany, I buy it in a pharmacy) to clean my nozzles for a
FACStar Plus every day, just throw them in over night, and they come out
perfectly clean in the morning.

However be careful of the brand you use , as some don't dissolve completely
(Correga Tabs are no good...) and therefore the small particles left in
there might clog the nozzle as well, also rinse + flush the nozzle
carefully with dH2O before using it...

Certainly one of the best cleaning solutions for the nozzles (thanks to
Steve Merlin who told me this one !).

FACScan Flowcells:

1. For FACScan flowcells I use in general the liquid cleaner for industrial
dishwashers (diluted of course), as this is non offensive and also cleans
up perfectly the flowcell... and it's cheap. Just make sure that you
immediately afterwards dH2O as well... or your cells might not like it too

2. Now I have also tried FACSrinse, and have to say there is no difference
in the amount of clogging or the residual cells/beads left in there with
either of those solutions

3. However I also use a couple of drops of CIF (Lever Inc. - don't know
what the equivalent brand name in other parts of the world is) diluted in
50 ml of water  to clean up flowcells from top to bottom from time to time,
as the flowcell is quartz the abrasive particles in there are not offensive
either. Have kept my CV's really low that way...

Bon hope that helps those who are looking for alternatives.

Cheers, and happy cleaning,


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At 9:30 +0000 17/02/97, Peter J Openshaw [Medicine] wrote:
>I have been told that denture cleansing tablets are the answer to the
>ultimate clog/dirty cell.  I have not tried them, but can imagine that
>companies have spent millions on making the perfect combination to clean
>false teeth.  Has anyone tried?
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