Wanted: extra BD sheath tank

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Tue Feb 18 03:44:23 EST 1997

Re Barry Grimes' query:

> I'm planning on doing sterile sorting and will be using ETOH to purge my
> FACSVantage. To avoid repeated filling and rinsing steps using only one
> tank, I would like to use an extra sheath tank for the alcohol rinse - but
> would rather not spend the $1200 for a spare 10 L tank. Is there anyone out
> there that might have a spare FACStar / Plus 2 L sheath tank they'd be
> willing to sell? Does anyone know if this will in fact work?

An alternative to an extra tank is just to use a cheap disposable 
3-way stopcock between the sheath tank and a 0.22 micron syringe 
filter.  Switch to the side port to syringe 70% EtOH up to the nozzle 
and back along the sample line.  Then switch back to sheath flow.  We 
do this routinely without precipitation problems.  So that the sheath
saline is clean enough for the small, 0.22 micron syringe filter to
flow all day without appreciable pressure drop, we have a 0.47 micron
"pre-filter" at the sheath tank. 

to nozzle
0.22 micron filter (EtOH-resistant; eg Millipore SLGV025LS)
3-way stopcock  <--  syringe with 70% EtOH
0.47 pre-filter
sheath tank

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