TRAP-6 and plt activation

Jan Brozek mmbrozek at
Mon Feb 17 09:17:49 EST 1997

Dear Flowlanders,

Can anybody help me in the matter of using TRAP-6 to activate platelets?
How much TRAP do you use to maximally activate platelets? I mean how many
micro mol per how many platelets? The papers I have read mention only the
ammount of TRAP (usually 100uM).
I had some problems with activating plts with TRAP - seems like I used too
many plts, or too little TRAP, but maybe the problem is to be sought

The second question to the illuminati is how to determine the proper
compensation for the WB 2 color platelet activation analysis?

Many thanx,

Jan L. Brozek           e-mail: mmbrozek at

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