Ailing HP340 system

Joseph Webster J.Webster at
Sun Feb 16 04:11:41 EST 1997

Maybe I can fill in a few blanks, someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

At 10:39 14/02/97 +1000, Leon Martin wrote:
>>	(snip - description of "blank filenames" problem)
>I've had this problem before also. However we DID get all our files back. I
>haven't done this for a while and my memory is a bit average but I think we
>found the following:
>In the case of a `blank' named directory I couldn't use or delete it but
>was able to rename it. I just give it a name like DEAD and leave it till
>the next disk re-format!

I think what you renamed was the directory *containing* the blank name,
not the blank named entity itself.

>Our experience, when you have a dir of files with a blank named file in the
>middle, was that we couldn't see any files past the blank one with the BD
>file utilities. However, if we exit the BD software and use the HP system
>FILER program, we could see the files and then copy them elsewhere.
>After that I used the FILER to delete all the files from that dir.

I've been able to recover all files *except* the blank-named one(s), using
exactly this method.
I think Nick's problem was compounded because one or more blank names
were in the top level (root) directory, so it could not be left there till


Your memory is remarkable good Leon, but I probably had this problem a
bit more recently.. didn't you teach me those tricks nearly 10 years ago?
My last repeat was '93 or '94.

Long Live Pascal 3.22! :-;

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