Wanted: extra BD sheath tank

Barry Grimes bagrim1 at pop.uky.edu
Fri Feb 14 15:06:13 EST 1997

Hello all,
I'm planning on doing sterile sorting and will be using ETOH to purge my
FACSVantage. To avoid repeated filling and rinsing steps using only one
tank, I would like to use an extra sheath tank for the alcohol rinse - but
would rather not spend the $1200 for a spare 10 L tank. Is there anyone out
there that might have a spare FACStar / Plus 2 L sheath tank they'd be
willing to sell? Does anyone know if this will in fact work?
Thanks in advance,

Barry Grimes
FACS Lab Manager
Hematopoiesis Center
Markey Cancer Center
800 Rose St. cc418
Lexington,KY 40536-0093
lab) 606-323-8193
fax) 606-257-7715
e-mail) bagrim1 at pop.uky.edu

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