APO 2.7, ab. to mito. apoptotic marker

Linda.Weaver@sandoz.com Linda.Weaver at sandoz.com
Fri Feb 14 13:45:07 EST 1997


     Has anyone as yet spotted a publication in J. Immunol. by, by C.
     Zhang, Z. Ao, A. Seth, and S.F. Schlossman, entitled, "A mitochondrial
     membrane protein defined by a novel monoclonal antibody is
     preferentially detected in apoptotic cells"?  This was referenced on a
     Coulter flyer, as "1996,in press".  Has anyone out there used the APO
     2.7 antibody for flow or immunohistochemistry?  Send me an email
     directly or post your response!  Thanks!

     Linda Weaver
     Genetic Therapy, Inc.
     Linda.Weaver at sandoz.com

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