CD ROM 3 & Haematology

Walter Sharp denby at
Thu Feb 13 23:19:19 EST 1997

Eyup you haematologists,

I've just managed to get hold of CD ROM 2 and I was very surprised that the
only Haem. images were mine !

Having "spoken" to Paul R. I would like to make a suggestion, especially in
the light of the recent months discussions re: morphology and flow.

Why don't we send images for Vol 3 of Leuks. etc where the morphology of
the cells is totally contradicted by the immunophenotype.
For example, we have an AML with a pure myeloid phenotype that nevertheless
has an L3 appearance.
All of us agree, of course, that morphology and flow should always go
together but it would also be good to remind ourselves that we can trip up
sometimes and I think it would be interesting to compare notes.

As Paul said - anything we want in, is in !

Wal Sharp

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