PowerMAC communication to cytometer

Andreas Schroeder h82 at ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Feb 14 05:55:26 EST 1997

>>We recently upgraded our FACSort computer from an HP system to a PowerMac
>>In general we have been happy with this, although CellQuest could still has
>>some way to go to take advantage of all Macs have to offer (but is better
>>Lysis II in most ways).  However, we are having a sporadic, but
>>persistent and
>>annoying problem - when attempting to connect to the cytometer from
>>Writing the
>>program we often get a message saying that the cytometer cannot be found.
>>This is despite turning the FACS on before the computer, etc.  This can go on
>>for hours before it decides that the FACS really is there and lets us
>>access it
>>for acquisition.  BD suggested reloading the software, which had no
>>effect, nor
>>did rebuilding the desktop.  Our computer consultant has suggested that
>>fragmentation of the hard disk is to blame, and that the recent high humidity
>>in Sydney may also be implicated.
>>Has anyone else had this problem with their Mac/FACS interface?  We use Macs
>>exclusively in our institute (with the exception of the old HP) and the
>>7600 is

We also have had (and still have) sporadic problems with connecting
FACSCalibur and PPC7600:

When you restart the PPC while the FACSCalibur is on and had been connected
to the PPC before, the same problem as in your case occurs.
We then switch off FACS and PPC, wait some minutes and then re-switch on
everything in the right order and most of the time it then will work.

This indeed is very annoying, an even more annoying problem is when
the connection obviously is lost *during* aquisition, what sometimes
happens, too. I hope BD is working on these problems.

Hope this helps a bit.

Dr. med. Andreas Schroeder
Institute of Immunology
University of Heidelberg

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