DNA plus surface staining

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Fri Feb 14 08:30:49 EST 1997

Hello to all:

Can anybody send me a brief staining protocol  published  by
J.S.Moore  et al.  in their article "A simplified method for
the  coordinate  examination  of   apoptosis   and   surface
phenotype of murine lymphocytes" // J.Immunol.Methods 188: 2
(1995) P. 219-228

and/or a protocol of K.Toba et al.,  "Simultaneous  three  -
color   analysis   of  the  surface  phenotype  and  DNA-RNA
quantitation using 7-amino-actinomycin D and pyronin  Y"  //
J.Immunol.Methods 182: 2 (JUN 9 1995) Page(s) 193-207

I searched all med/bio libraries in Kiev and didn't find any
textbook in       flow       cytometry!       Unfortunately,
"J.Immunol.Methods" and  "Cytometry" are also available only
as abstracts from a Medline Database.  So, I dare to disturb
busy people...

Many thanks for any help!

Vadim Chromiak,  Immunol. lab,
Center for Clinical Radiology,
Kiev, Ukraine.

PS. Since  I  can't  subscribe  to Cytometry Mailing List as
    yet,  please, send you answers directly to the following
    address <gerund at olinet.isf.kiev.ua>.

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