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> Greetings from San Francisco.  My name is Louise Furukawa and I am 
> post-doc at UCSF.  I was referred to you by Enoc Hollemwegeuer at
> Pharmingen.  One of my projects has revolved around down-regulating MHC-I
> on constituents on the vascular wall (endothelium, vascular smooth muscle
> cells, and fibroblasts).  We are able to do this well, and can show
> decreased cytolysis of these so-modified endothelial cells  by sensitized
> lymphocytes.  I'd like to demonstrate that the killing is specific for
> MHC-I and am looking for an anti-MHC-I antibody that is directed to an
> epitope essential for the CTL TCR/MHC-I interaction.  Do you know of any
> such antibody offhand or know of any article where they have done this?
> I'd appreciate any leads.  Thanks a lot.  Louise
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