Elite maintenance

Hazel Davey hlr at aber.ac.uk
Fri Feb 14 06:26:34 EST 1997

There must be others here who are running an Elite flow cytometer 
without the luxury of a service contract so perhaps I can ask for 
some advice from you. Spare parts from Coulter are of course 
expensive. For example, for a replacement sheath filter I've just 
been quoted (after VAT) 575 pounds UK . Equivalent (looking) filters 
in the standard catalogues are about 10% of the price. Is there 
anything very special that makes the ones supplied by Coulter so 
expensive? Does anyone have suggestions for alternative suppliers 
for sheath and waste filters and for that matter any other bits and 
bobs that get replaced from time to time? Anything that I should be 
wary of?

If I get enough useful replies I'll post a summary and add the 
information to our web site as (I hope) a useful resource.

Many thanks in advance,

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