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gap@MIT.EDU gap at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 13 14:33:59 EST 1997

Greetings everyone,

The following letter was mailed to current BUG members.  If you are 
interested in what BUG is and what we can do for you, keep reading.

Boston Users Group For Cytometry

     It is the start of another year and time to renew your membership 
for 1997.  The yearly dues will remain the same at $20.00.  Our current 
membership is 83 and we thank you for your continued support.

     We were quite busy in 1996 with housekeeping business:  the 
membership directory was finally compiled and distributed and our BUG 
WWW site became active.  In addition, we organized a stem cell meeting 
held September 24, 1996 at the World Trade Center which was a huge 
success.  There were over 100 people in attendance as well as support 
from 10 vendors.

     Those of you who attended the Sept. 24 meeting are aware that Peter 
Lopez has transferred to Colorado to work at Cytomation.  He will try to 
remain active in BUG but will no longer hold any organizational 
responsibilities.  Please do not call his number at Dana Farber for 
information.  Glenn Paradis has taken over as President and will be 
happy to answer any questions.

     Our plans for this year are to update the membership directory (we 
will publish and distribute a 1997 version), as well as to hold more 
meetings.  We would like to hold one large meeting a year at 
approximately the same time (Sept-Oct) as well as hold 1-2 smaller 
dinner meetings.  Anyone with suggestions or who would like to help with 
the meetings or speak at the meetings please contact one of the members 
of the BUG planning committee.

     If you have World Wide Web access, be sure to have a look at the 
BUG WWW site; point your browser to URL: http://www.shore.net/`bugbytes.  
To join BUG print out the form at URL  
http://www1.shore.net/~bugbytes/email.html and mail it to the new BUG 
address at the bottom of the form.  If you want a membership form 
emailed to you send requests to Glenn Paradis at my email address below.

     Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you all 

     The Planning Committee for the Boston Users Group for Cytometry:

Glenn Paradis       617-253-6454      gap at mit.edu
Maryann Demaria     508-624-8029     mdemaria at warren.med.harvard.edu
Nancy Perlmutter    617-576-0660      ngp at shapirolab.com
Rich Konz           617-374-7433      rkonz at genzyme.com
John Daley          617-632-4571      john_daley at dfci.harvard.edu
Chris Groves        617-679-7184      groves at mpi.com
Maris Handley       617-632-3179      handley at sorter.dfci.harvard.edu

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