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Cindi Gumbs asks:
"We are wondering if there are any flow courses being offered or books 
available which discuss the analysis of data....."  

The following is the printout of information on a book by Jim Watson 
on data analysis whisc is very good. The original info is from our 
web page at   (general Information)
there are about 25 books of flow, clincial, confocal reviewed 
Paul Robinson

Reproduced from the Purdue Cytometry Web Page
Flow Cytometry Data Analysis
Canbridge University Press, Cambridge, 1992 
James V. Watson

12 Chapters, 288 Pages, Extensive Appendices, Indexed 
ISBN 0-521-41545-4 [Hardcover]

Short Summary

     This is an excellent text dealing exclusively with the many 
problems of data analysis in flow cytometry.
     The beauty of this text is that the writer assumes nothing and 
begins with first principles. He then links each of the 
components necessary to understand flow cytometry problems in 
particular. So much of flow cytometry requires a good understanding 
of data analysis and this book will help you work through this     
area. What is really neat about this text is that each section is 
handled as though this is the first time a user is confronted 
with the area. Explanations abound as to the premises upon which we 
base our understanding of statistics and multivariate analysis. 
Most useful is that the author discusses in detail some areas that 
have been virtually ignored in most texts, such as enzyme 
kinetics. The appendix is full of useful statistical tables and 
derivations for those who want a little more detail. 
This is clearly an excellent text for those wishing to understand 
a little more about data analysis in flow cytometry. 
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