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Wed Feb 12 09:36:50 EST 1997

>We are wondering if there are any flow courses being offered or books
>available which
>discuss the analysis of data.  How do we determine whether to use channel
>vs. linear
>values, what's the most appropriate method of analyzing histograms of
>control vs. test
>samples, know, the basics.  Also, what's the best references
>for reading about
>quality control of the instrument.
>Cindy Gumbs
>email:  GUMBSC at

        Try 1. Flow Cytometry Data Analysis  Basic Concepts And Statistics
by James Watson

  pub. Cambridge University Press.

                or    2.     The usuial source of all information
Practical Flow Cytometry
                by Howard Shapiro,    Pub     Wiley-liss.          There is
a whole chapter on Data Analysis.

                        Good Luck.


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