Image system for BH2

Simon Monard Simon_Monard at
Wed Feb 12 11:50:59 EST 1997

Hi all

We are looking to buy an imaging system for one of our Olympus BH2 fluorescence 
microscopes. We wish to capture both bright field histology type images and 
immunofluorescent images. We do not foresee wanting to get very dim in situ 
type images. The system would have a fairly high resolution for histology and 
good enough sensitivity for immunofluorescence. Would separate cameras for 
bright field and dark field be cost effective?  I would like to be able to 
archive the images on a PC/optical drive. As a newcomer to this area I am 
bewildered by the vast array of products available. Any advice on suitable 
components or whole systems much appreciated. Trade responses welcome.

Simon Monard
Aaron Diamond Center for AIDS Research
455 First Avenue
New York

Ph (212) 488 5188
Fx (212) 725 1126

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