ISAC Sam Latt Conference - call for abstracts david_hedley at
Wed Feb 12 15:26:20 EST 1997

We are now ready to ready to receive abstracts for the Sam Latt
Conference, being held at the University of Toronto, June 20-22.  
The theme of this meeting is the control of cell growth and death in

The intention is to bring together basic scientists, clinicians and cytometry
experts, to develop advanced cytometry methods that can be applied to
human cancer.  Emphasis will be on informal, workshop-style interactions,
although we have an excellent line up of keynote speakers.  

This conference will make much greater use of electronic communications
than previous ISAC meetings.  All abstracts will be available on the ISAC
web site.  In addition, there are discussion pages where  participants will
be able to discuss the content of abstracts, and show figures such as
histograms or graphs.  The idea is that we will get to know each other's
work and ideas prior to the conference, so that the workshops will hit the
ground running in Toronto.  

In order to make this work, all abstracts need to be submitted
electronically.  This is available via the ISAC www site:

or directly from the Sam Latt Conference page:

You can also obtain registration and housing forms, and there is an
application form for travelling fellowships.

This is the first of a new style of ISAC meeting.  We want to produce an
exciting and low cost meeting that will stimulate new growth in clinical
cytometry.  To a large extent, success will depend on how well we use
electronic media, so please give us feedback.  

David Hedley
Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital

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