Tue Feb 11 20:08:00 EST 1997

Date    : 2/12/97
Subject : FACSort/PowerMac
>From    : Michelle Miller
To      : Cytometry List

To FACSort/FACScan users,

We recently upgraded our FACSort computer from an HP system to a PowerMac 7600.
  In general we have been happy with this, although CellQuest could still has
some way to go to take advantage of all Macs have to offer (but is better than
Lysis II in most ways).  However, we are having a sporadic, but persistent and
annoying problem - when attempting to connect to the cytometer from withing the
 program we often get a message saying that the cytometer cannot be found.
This is despite turning the FACS on before the computer, etc.  This can go on
for hours before it decides that the FACS really is there and lets us access it
 for aquisition.  BD suggested reloading the software, which had no effect, nor
 did rebuilding the desktop.  Our computer consultant has suggested that
fragmentation of the hard disk is to blame, and that the recent high humidity
in Sydney may also be implicated.

Has anyone else had this problem with their Mac/FACS interface?  We use Macs
exclusively in our institute (with the exception of the old HP) and the 7600 is
 networked but the harddisk cannot be accessed by other computers without first
 checking that the FACSort is not in use.  Any suggestions would be very

Thanks in advance,

Michelle Miller
Johnson and Johnson Research Labs
Sydney, Australia
email: jjphar13 at angis.su.oz.au

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