Need a flowcytometer

Wed Feb 12 08:08:02 EST 1997

     Dear cytometry enthusiasts; 
     I am a researcher at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. I am 
     preparing for an overseas assignment at a field laboratory in Kisumu, 
     Kenya to study malaria. In order to carry out some of the work I have 
     planned I will need a flowcytometer to evaluate expression of 
     receptors on cell samples from patients with malaria. Therefore, I am 
     requesting your assistance in finding a usable machine that someone no 
     longer needs that could be donated or purchased at a reasonable price 
     for the laboratory. The equipment will be used by scientists both from 
     Kenya as well as the US and possibly from other countries in the area. 
     Any advice on which instruments would be rugged enough to be used 
     under field conditions will be greatly appreciated. You can reply 
     directly to my address below.
     Jose A. Stoute, MD
     Dept. of Immunology 
     Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
     Washington, DC 20307
     e-mail: MAJ_Jose_Stoute at
     Phone: (202) 782-3769
     Fax: (202) 782-0748

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