cats & dogs

David L. Haviland, Ph.D. dhavilan at
Tue Feb 11 14:58:24 EST 1997

At 16:04 2/11/97 +1100, Joseph Webster wrote:
>Has anyone else noticed how the fur plays havoc with the CVs?
>At 01:56 PM 10/02/97 -0700, Deborah Berglund wrote:
>>Oh, Robb, I am so glad someone else thought there should be a problem 
>>with dogs and cats in flow; I was worried about the tubing getting 
>>clogged.  Maybe Kristi Harkins can figure out how to run these.....


As far as CV's go... nope mine are fine.  I don't "do" dogs so my
FACS-Calibur just "purrs" along!


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