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Jim Zanghi zanghi at merle.acns.nwu.edu
Tue Feb 11 11:19:08 EST 1997

>Small beads staying in the instrument can be a problem.  Triton X-100 at
>0.1% (the same concentration used to permeabilize cells) in water will
>remove most of them.
>Betsy Robertson
>> Running ethanol
>> after the beads seems to help push them through more quickly.
>> Tony Bakke

I was wondering about what types of solutions can be run through a flow
cytometer without causing damage or corrosion.   Is pure ethanol okay?   On
the advise of others, I  have run 50% hot bleach to clear up clogs, but I
was very weary about doing this since bleach corrodes stainless steel.
I've always followed with a 5 minute water rinse, but this concentration of
bleach seems a bit extreme (we routinely use 10% bleach at room temp).
If 0.1% triton or 70% ethanol is as effective as 50% hot bleach, than this
seems to be the way to go.   Any thoughts about this?  What do
manufacturers recommend?


James A. Zanghi
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL

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