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Betsy R. Robertson brrob at ims.alaska.edu
Mon Feb 10 12:21:44 EST 1997

Small beads staying in the instrument can be a problem.  Triton X-100 at 
0.1% (the same concentration used to permeabilize cells) in water will 
remove most of them.

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On Fri, 7 Feb 1997, Antony Bakke wrote:

> Nona Sheila R. Agawin asked:
> " is it always very hard to clean the flow cytometer after passing samples with
> fluorescent beads ?"
> I have found that small beads (< 4 micron) can stay in the instrument for a long
> time appearing in multiple samples after the beads were run.  Running ethanol
> after the beads seems to help push them through more quickly.
> Tony Bakke 

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