Post Sort Quenching

O. Joseph Trask, Jr. cytometry at
Fri Feb 7 17:07:52 EST 1997

I would like to find out what the consensus is on the loss of fluorescence
of post sorted viable cells during re-analysis.  I have seen this "quenching
or bleaching" several times on viable cells labeled with FITC, PE, or PE-CY5
tandem dyes.  Is it normal to adjust the pre-sorted region (within a few
channels) to check the purity of the sort OR does one leave the region in
the exact position from the original sort equation?  The laser used is a
15mW air-cooled argon, pressure is 15psi, Na azide free sheath fluid, all
viable cells are maintained at 4oC, "normal" surface immunophenotyping with
directly labeled MAb is employed .  Any and all comments are appreciated. 
Thank you in advance.
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