Kevin G Waddick waddi002 at
Fri Feb 7 16:43:26 EST 1997

Hello out there!  I am wondering if anyone has heard of and tell me where 
to get a cell culture growth factor.  According to the director of my 
research institute, it's known as PHA-LCM/mix either as its tradename or 
informally and is marketed by a company from Toronto.  Of course I know 
what "PHA-LCM" stands for, and we have made it ourselves, however the 
product seemingly has special qualities enabling it to stimulate growth 
of bone marrow progenitor cell colonies from multiple individual or mixed 
lineages.  So, if anyone can tell me where to get this product, it would 
save me a lot of time and effort in finding it; naturally, I would 
appreciate the help in avoiding the work. 

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