Mac or HP upgrade question

Tom Mchugh mchugh at pangloss.ucsf.EDU
Fri Feb 7 16:49:32 EST 1997

This may be beating a dead horse as this is discussed frequently but I
will ask anyway in hopes that I can eventually decide how to proceed:

I have 2 FACScan's both with the HP340 and SimulSet, Lysys II software.
I want to use them interchangeably.
I want to be able to transfer results files from SimulSet for CD4/CD8
lymphocyte phenotyping to a host computer (LIS, Sunquest).
They are used for routine lymphocyte subset analysis, leukemia/lymphoma
phenotyping, CD34 quantitation, reticulocytes, platelet antibodies,
neutrophil function, some research and development projects, etc.

I am also interested in trying to reduce the amount of hands-on time the
techs in the lab have to spend sitting in front of these putting samples
on, collecting/analyzing and transcribing data.

I am considering upgrading to the Mac and CellQuest but am concerned
about the cost and the uncertainty of being able to connect to the host
LIS for result file transfer and whether or not CellQuest will be any
more user friendly and less tedious than Lysys II.

Anyone have a suggestion as to the best route to take?
Anyone with good experiences with using the Coulter XL and multi-Qprep
and sample loader station? Does this work in routine practice? Perhaps
the savings in tech time is worth considering switching instruments at
least for the high volume routine testing.

Tom McHugh
Dept. Lab. Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
mchugh at

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