FISH in suspension and posi

Hong He Hong.He at
Sat Feb 8 16:59:25 EST 1997

Dear Dr. Pat McGrath:
I knew your company from the paper " In situ hybridization to chromosomes
stabilized in gel microdrops.  Cytometry 21: 111-119, 1995" last year and then
I saw your poster in the 46th Annual Meeting of ASHG.  We work in very similar
research area.  

Now I am writing to explore possibilities of conducting research work in your
I am a postdoctoral fellow currently working in the  Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory.  I have been conducting researches in the development of
new, fast methods to measure abnormal human chromosomes since I came to the
U.S. from China about two years ago.  My work here involves initiation of a
series of techniques including getting isolated chromosomes samples for in
situ hybridization in suspension; obtaining free, large numbers of specific
labeled chromosomes from FISH in suspension; trying to trap target chromosomes
etc.  Actually, I used different way from yours to do chromosomes in situ
hybridization in suspension.  With my protocol my results are very good.  I
can start from up to 2,500,000 chromosomes and my recovery can be 40-60 % with
few and very small clumps.  The hybridization signals are bright and the
hybridized chromosomes can be kept in good shape without gel.  Our first
papers have been written and the results have indicated that a few difficult
technique problems have been solved.  I am interested in my project here and
has made significant advances on it.  However, I have to leave the project
because an unexpected change has happened to the project budget.  My
supervisor is running out of project funds.

As indicated in my resume, (I have sent you my resume by fax, if you don't
received it, please let me know.)   I have over ten years research experience
in cytogenetics and cancer research.  When I work at here, I am also involved
in tissue culture, isolation chromosomes for flow sorting, DOP-PCR amplified
chromosomes DNA and labeled it as probes for chromosome painting.  Today I
found your fax number and job opening from the Internet.  I think your
scientist position is almost fitted to my experience.  I believe I will make
great contribution to your research projects and expand my scientific

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I am looking forward to hearing
from you soon.

Sincerely  yours,
Hong He

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