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Fri Feb 7 10:37:29 EST 1997

>Dear colleagues,
>we are using FCSC beads for calculation of the MESF values of FITC
>and PE. I am wondering if there is a source of beads for the calculation of
>MESF of PerCP or APC. Any help is wellcome.
>Thank you
>Attila Tarnok
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>  University Hospital, Russenstr.19
>  D-04289 Leipzig, Germany
>  Internet:tarnok at

We use Rainbow Calibration beads from Spherotech, which have eight peaks
that flouresce in all three PMTs simultaneously and include
standardizations for FITC (MEFL), PE (MEPE), and Cy5 (MECY). They are also
very inexpensive. Here's their info.

Spherotech, Inc.
1840 Industrial Drive, Suite 270
Libertyville, Illinois  60048-9817
phone: 847-680-8922
fax: 847-680-8927
Product #: RCP-30-5A (Sphero Rainbow Calibration Particles)

good luck

Keith Bahjat
Kbahjat at

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