Ailing HP340 system

Pizzo,Eugene Pizzo at
Fri Feb 7 07:41:13 EST 1997


In my experience, this sounds pretty serious.  When I
had similar problems I would automatically back up
my files, re-initialize the hard drive, and reinstall the
software.  It takes about an hour to complete.  I don't
understand the source of your hesitation but I'd bet
it's the only fix short of buying a new hard drive.

If you follow that route make sure you leave directories
0 and 1 free.  The operating system uses those directories
for administrative purposes.

If you have problems I found Linda Turner at BD to be very
helpful.  The first time I had this kind of problem she walked
me through it successfully.

Gene Pizzo/UCONN Health
From: Nick Goulding
To: cyto-inbox
Subject: Ailing HP340 system
Date: Thursday, February 06, 1997 9:17AM

The Consort 32 system software on our HP340 workstation
is misbehaving.  It loses files and directories, will not
access certain directories and has lost volume #46.
We can still run Lysis II and all the file utilities
but can only store data files in one directory (#11:/APP/MAST/)

Can we get things fixed without re-initialising and re-installing
all the software?

Would be glad of any assistance.

Nick J Goulding PhD
Head, Arthritis Research Section
Dept of Biochemical Pharmacology
The Medical College of St Bartholomew's Hospital
Charterhouse Square
London EC1M  6BQ

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