Printer problems FACS_COPY at
Thu Feb 6 03:20:52 EST 1997

hugh johnson's problem:

> ..I am constantly getting "There is a printer
> problem, check print monitor" warning. Now, in the last week, the
> connection between the hp1200c and the MAC quadra 650, disappears.
> "Sorry, can't find the bloody printer at all now" or something similar
> is the neat little message I get. ..

                                        sounds like a problem we've
experienced:  Our HP1200c was not B_D-configured so it may well be a
little different, but we had the same "now you see it, now you don't"
behaviour as the printer came and went from the MAC's chooser.  The
problem was in the printer's Jet Direct (J2552A) Ethernet/Local Talk
interface card which we eventually had to replace. 

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