Recycling of HP340 Monitor for Mac ???

Joseph Webster J.Webster at
Tue Feb 4 20:40:22 EST 1997

At 05:54 PM 4/02/97 +0100, Matthias Haury wrote:
>I have a HP98785A 17" Monitor recovered from a HP340 FACStation, which I
>would like to recycle and connect to a Mac (or PC). Is there anybody who
>has done this or has any idea what kind of adapter-cable to buy ?

I've asked a similar question in other places, and come up with
several answers for PCs.
(I don't have any useful answers for Mac users..)

At least two companies make video cards for PCs that will drive these
HP monitors; here are two websites:

     for Mirage cards:

     for Photon cards:

I also have a circuit diagram for an adapter to connect such a monitor
to a PC svga card, but I have not made it up or seen one "in the flesh".
I believe it will work, but there are three significant drawbacks:
-  You the technical capability to build the thing,
-  The signal strength is a bit low (less than great contrast)
-  You cannot see anything readable on the monitor until AFTER
     windows has started. (scan rate not compatible with DOS)

My HPs are still in use, so I've not yet tried any of these!

     Good Luck, Joseph.
Joseph Webster
Flow Cytometry Facility
Centenary Institute

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