Printer problems

hugh johnson hugh at
Wed Feb 5 00:21:35 EST 1997

Fellow FACsort/FACScan users,
 Has anyone had as much problem with their HP1200c printer/MAC
connection as I have? I am constantly getting "There is a printer
problem, check print monitor" warning. Now, in the last week, the
connection between the hp1200c and the MAC quadra 650, disappears.
"Sorry, can't find the bloody printer at all now" or something similar
is the neat little message I get. BD tech help says it could be a cable
going bad, a problem with our network (I disconnected it from the
network) or gee something else. I have always had the print monitor
problem and have never had the problem solved. I am now using CellQuest
1.2.2 ( I think those are the latest suffixes added).
 Thanks in advance for any helpful hints.

hugh johnson
st vincent infirmary medical center
one of the flow folks
hugh at

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