PC to Mac?

Dave Coder dave at nucleus.immunol.washington.edu
Tue Feb 4 12:13:41 EST 1997

Since you already have FACSnet running on the HP computer, the simplest method would be to simply make a connection to the Mac and transfer files directly. (Details would depend on the local network configuration.) Out of the box, the current version of the Mac is ready for network transfers via TCP/IP. Another removable storage device could be added to the Mac, or, depending on the network, transfer to the removable disk on the Gateway via ftp. (Note: in order to run CellQuest you will need to convert all the flow data files to a form that program can read.  It would seem best to save the data files in the converted form.)

Dave Coder
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To the list,
    Here's my problem!  We are using an older FACScan (in clinical
department) which is FACSnetted to a Gateway 2000 computer.  A Zip drive
is being hooked up to the Gateway which will be used to backup listmode
files.  What we would like to do is add a Zip drive to a PowerMac and do
our analyses on it using CellQuest.  Basically this is going from a PC
to a Mac (I already have HPtoMac, courtesy of Soft Flow).  My question
is, is this doable?  Are there translators available to make this
feasible?  Should I save my money (and my sanity)?
  Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

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