PC to Mac?

Keith Bahjat Kbahjat at nwu.edu
Tue Feb 4 10:06:14 EST 1997

>To the list,
>    Here's my problem!  We are using an older FACScan (in clinical
>department) which is FACSnetted to a Gateway 2000 computer.  A Zip drive
>is being hooked up to the Gateway which will be used to backup listmode
>files.  What we would like to do is add a Zip drive to a PowerMac and do
>our analyses on it using CellQuest.  Basically this is going from a PC
>to a Mac (I already have HPtoMac, courtesy of Soft Flow).  My question
>is, is this doable?  Are there translators available to make this
>feasible?  Should I save my money (and my sanity)?
>  Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

I believe you have two choices.

1) Just take the Zip disk from the Gateway to the PowerMac and read the
files. You may have to use a file converter like FCS Assistant (which is
free on the WWW) or BD's FACSConvert, but it should be fairly straight
forward since Mac's have no problem reading PC formatted Zip disks.

2) Buy a copy of a "MACLan" which is software that lets Win95 computers and
Macs talk on a peer net basis, and buy a cheap 10 Mbps hub. Make sure your
Gateway has an ethernet card in it, if not buy that too. Then you should be
able to hook it all together and each HD will show up on the other
computer. Should also be easy, and saves you dragging disks all over the

Good luck.

Keith Bahjat
Kbahjat at nwu.edu

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