PC to Mac?

Matthias Haury mhaury at pasteur.fr
Tue Feb 4 02:30:13 EST 1997


1. There shouldn't be a problem if you format the ZIP cartridges on the Mac
using PC Exchange, then they should be readable in the PC as well as the
Mac. Be careful with the PC utilities to format the ZIP cartridges, as some
of them might format the disk a way that makes it unreadable on the Mac
(using PC exchange).
I still don't know why this is the case but I had this problem a couple of
times (mainly using Windows 95)

2. Make sure that you transfer the files using FACSnet in BINARY mode,
otherwise your data will be lost.

3. Why don't you connect the Mac directly to the FACScan and transfer the
files from the HP to the Mac (ZIP on the Mac for backup) using FACSNet ?
There are freeware utilites like Fetch that allow easy transfer from the HP
FACScan to the MAC once you have FACSNet running on the HP in Server mode.
Let me know if you need more details on this.

Hope this helps, Cheers, Matthias

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At 14:29 -0500 3/02/97, T. Scott Thurmond wrote:
>To the list,
>    Here's my problem!  We are using an older FACScan (in clinical
>department) which is FACSnetted to a Gateway 2000 computer.  A Zip drive
>is being hooked up to the Gateway which will be used to backup listmode
>files.  What we would like to do is add a Zip drive to a PowerMac and do
>our analyses on it using CellQuest.  Basically this is going from a PC
>to a Mac (I already have HPtoMac, courtesy of Soft Flow).  My question
>is, is this doable?  Are there translators available to make this
>feasible?  Should I save my money (and my sanity)?
>  Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

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