Baxter Fluoricon beads

Joseph Webster J.Webster at
Mon Feb 3 22:39:28 EST 1997

Hi All
Can anyone tell me where to get Baxter Fluoricon beads?
In Australia maybe? (he wishes hopefully ;-)

Or maybe you can suggest an alternative?
These are labelled:
     cat no. 50-260-1A
     FLUORICON Multi-fluor.
     Purple/Yellow Particles.
     (Low Intensity) 1% w/v
     2.2 um

These beads are excited by both 488 and 600(ish) lasers, and
fluoresce brightly in all channels on the dual-laser FACStar+.

My predecessor got some before I came here, & they have been
great for alignment of the sorters, and stable enough for daily
performance verification.
I'll soon run out & would like to get some more, but don't know
where they came from.

     Many Thanks, Joseph.
Joseph Webster
Flow Cytometry Facility
Centenary Institute

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