PC to Mac?

T. Scott Thurmond thurmons at ehsct7.envmed.rochester.edu
Mon Feb 3 14:29:26 EST 1997

To the list,
    Here's my problem!  We are using an older FACScan (in clinical
department) which is FACSnetted to a Gateway 2000 computer.  A Zip drive
is being hooked up to the Gateway which will be used to backup listmode
files.  What we would like to do is add a Zip drive to a PowerMac and do
our analyses on it using CellQuest.  Basically this is going from a PC
to a Mac (I already have HPtoMac, courtesy of Soft Flow).  My question
is, is this doable?  Are there translators available to make this
feasible?  Should I save my money (and my sanity)?
  Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

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