Scientist Assistance Program - WEB Site PAUL at
Mon Feb 3 15:48:00 EST 1997

I hope that you all read Dr. Darzynkiewicz' message about the needs 
of our friends in Ukraine. The WEB site that Dr. Darzynkiewicz 
mentioned is now up and operating. It is currently accessible from my 
homepage (see below). Please feel free to link the "Scientist 
Assistance Program" on any of your web sites. I suggest that those 
seeking assistance email me and I will post those that are 
appropriate. Individuals or corporations that can respond, please 
copy me so that we can acknowledge the response. Any ideas to expand 
or add value to the program appreciated!

Thank you for your support.

J.Paul Robinson, Purdue University Cytometry Labs
Professor of Immunopharmacology
robinson at PH:317-494 6449 FAX:317-494 0517

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