Lou Kamentsky visit Jan 12, 1998

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Wed Dec 31 16:44:34 EST 1997

>        We are pleased to announce the following seminar at NIST. This will be
>interest to genomics/ gene mapping, medical genetics and diagnostic
>technology development people.
>Feel free to post or pass on as appropriate.
>        "Laser Scanning Slide-Based Multiparameter Cytometry"
>                Dr. Louis A. Kamentsky
>                CEO, Compucyte Corporation
>                Cambridge, Massachusetts
>                Monday January 12, 1998
>                Chem Building (222), Room A322 Conference Room
>                National Institute of Standards and Technology
>                Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-0001
>        Kamentsky et al. Slide based laser scanning cytometry, Act. Cytol.
>41(1):123ff, 1997
>     Kamentsky et al. Methods for automatic multiparameter analysis of
>fluorescence in situ hybridized specimens with a laser scanning cytometer.
>Cytometry 27:117-125, 1997.
>Contact at NIST:
>        Peter E. Barker, Ph.D.
>        CSTL 831.01/NIST
>        301-975-5402

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