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Dear Cytometrists,
Since Steve's response went out to the whole list, I'd felt I should send this
clarification to the whole list:
The anti-CD103 mAbs recognize mouse intestinal epithelial LYMPHOCYTES, not mouse
intestinal epithelium.  
Florence Harrod
Product Manager, Research Immunocytometry

Date: 4/29/97 1:41 PM
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From: Steven Merlin

>I'm looking for an antibody that recognizes mouse intestinal epithelial
>cells.  A hybridoma would be fine.  Anyone with information, please
>contact Elizabeth Kerr at (415) 498-7758 or ekerr at
>Thanks in advance for posting this and for information.


Pharmingen sells two clones of CD103 (integrin alphaIEL chain); Clones 2E7
and M290. Information can be found on pages 45 and 215 of the 1996-1997
catalog or their web site at:

Steven Merlin
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