FACS for sale & job announcement

Bob Donahoe rdonaho at emory.edu
Tue Apr 22 14:09:39 EST 1997

                      FACSscan for S A L E

Depending on availability of funds that are pending, to upgrade our FACS
laboratory, we are tentatively planning to sell our current FACS, a
1987-model, BD FACScan with accessories (computer & software).  Is in good
working order and is presently used regularly.  It has been serviced
routinely by BD.  It has a new laser but could be improved with a new flow
chamber (at approx. $5,500).  Also, it may need new fluid control switch (at
approx. $3,500), sometime in the forseeable future.  Previous use has been
moderate (about 2 to 3 days per wk on average).   Please contact me if you
are interested and pass this announcement along to friends who may be.  The
asking price is $30,000, OBO.

                 J O B    O P P O R T U N I T Y

ALSO, we have a JOB OPPORTUNITY for a flow cytometrist as a Research Project
Coordinator on a new 5-yr grant.  If interested, please contact me for
details.  The position has been announced via the Emory Personnel Office and
can start anytime.

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