ernest stapleton kstaplet at morgan.ucs.mun.ca
Tue Apr 15 21:33:50 EST 1997

Our laboratory has also evaluated B27 typing by flow and have found 
there is no monospecific antibody to B27 yet. The one lambda clone 
also reacts with most hla B44 positives as well. Other labs have also 
found this cross reaction.
 If any lab does screen for B27 there are other antibodies available 
(they also cross react with B7), namely Serotec and Becton Dickinson. 
I would STRONGLY recommend ANY positives, weak or strong, to be 
confirmed by serology or molecular methods before reporting it as 
Does One lambda admit to this cross reactivity to B44 yet? It has been 
confirmed by our lab and sylvia wu's lab in british columbia but yet 
to see it in their literature. 

          Ernest Stapleton
											Clinical Immunology Lab
											 St. John's NFLD

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