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Mon Sep 23 11:48:21 EST 1996

dear colleagues,

thank you to everyone who replied to my request regarding software for batch 
analysis of data files on Macintosh platforms.


this software from Becton-Dickinson received three positive replies.

one person like the way it moves the gates to follow certain populations, 
another liked its exporting to spreadsheets capabilites.

one negative criticism was that it doesn't allow for the calculation of 
arithmetic means.


this software (please contact me if you need the name of the publisher) received 
two positive responses.  

one person remarked that it is easier to set up that attractors.


MFI which runs on dos platforms is used for calculating the median fluorescence 
intensity.  it will read cellquest files from a pc disk.  it is available at

Keyquencer was also used by one respondent.

thanks again to al who replied

Frank Isdell
Flow Cytometry Lab
The Rockefeller University

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