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you don't really need any software to transfer Cellquest files from Mac to PC.
There are basically two possibilities:

1. If you have no network connection (transfer via diskettes or MO disks)
You need a diskette and PC-Exchange (a standard control panel for the Mac)
that allows you to read and format PC diskettes in a Mac. Then you just
have to copy the Cellquest data files to the PC diskette and you can
directly read them into WinMDI or any other PC Program that reads the
Cellquest format.

2. If you have the Mac and the PC connected over the network, then any file
transfer program is fine, just make sure that the file transfer is always
in binary mode. There are also commercial programs like MacLan Connect that
allow you to share a PC Disk with a Mac, and therefore copy the data
direcly onto the PC Harddisk, or even read them over the net directly from
the PC Program...

Let me know if you need more details.


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At 7:24 12/09/96, Micael Granstrom wrote:
>Maybe it isn´t the first time for this question but since I am new to the
>list I will ask it anyway. I have heard that there is software you can get
>on the net for conversion of your cell quest-files from mac to PC-format. If
>this is true could someone provide me with information on where and how to
>get it.
>Micael Granstrom
>FOA ABC-skydd
>S-901 82 Umea
>E-mail: mgranstrom at

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