Distance between sort streams

James Magondu J.MAGONDU at CGNET.COM
Fri Sep 13 11:36:00 EST 1996

I am sorting with the same machine on almost daily basis and the advise I 
would give is to tilt the charged plates equally to make the gap between 
them at the top about 4 to 5 mm. This will certainly improve the separation. 
The diameter of the nozzle will also affect this separation. The bigger the 
worse. I normally use a 70 um. or 80 um. The breakpoint will also matter. I 
adjust the amplitude control to get a drop delay of 11.00 to 12.75 running a 
drop drive frequency of 27,486 Hz.  The above gives an optimum separation of 
the streams.
There are certainly other factors involved and I will also keep my eyes to 
my screen to hear from others.

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Subject: Distance between sort streams
Date: Thursday, September 12, 1996 8:25AM

Hi everybody,
     I request some advice regarding sorting.
Question: We use a FACStar for sorting. However, inspite of my best
efforts I am not able to get the Left and Right Streams to separate much
from the center stream. As a result the sorted cells miss the collection
tubes. (The left and rt. stream deflection controls are turned to max).

 - Does the angle between the 2 charged metal plates (which is adjustable)
have anything to do with it ?.
 - Any other suggestions would be welcome.

Many thanks in advance.

Yash Pal Agrawal
Dept. of Clinical Chemistry,
Kuopio Univ Hospital,

E-mail:yagrawal at messi.uku.fi

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